Producing Nature Friendly Products
We offer the use of our consumers

3n chemistry has begun to clean the magic touch motto on the brand Journey; It is a company that brings together the original and innovative products developed and produced by the consumer. Since its inception in 2006, we are offering consumers the use of our customers by developing new and different products that make cleaning easier and enjoyable with fast, practical ease of use as a brand preferred by consumers.
We have the great pride of being a brand that is followed, not the following, and as a result of the intense demand and our products being shown.

We continue to grow fast.

We have increased the distribution of our products via our distributors and dealerships as well as taking place in discount markets, local and national chain stores as continuous or insert products.

Our customers can now easily access to our products from various points of Turkey. In the medium term we intend to achieve our goals such as; increasing the success we have achieved in the national market, while being one of the preferred brands by consumers all around the world by increasing the current exports to the international market.

Our Vision

By continuing to develop original products with the understanding of sustainable quality to the customer service from production through experience and knowledge; to be an innovative company that offers customized solutions to its customers both domestically and internationally.

Our Mission

To meet customer needs and to develop at least one new product every year, to be a brand preferred by consumers by offering new and different products that make cleaning easy and enjoyable.

Environmental Awareness

We aim to minimize the use of resources by developing environment-friendly products that are biodegradable in nature in order to leave future generations a greener, more livable world.

Service Policy

We aim to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by ensuring that products that meet the customer's needs are identified and provide the most useful solutions, ensuring quick and effective results in every field where hygiene and cleanliness are required.

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